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Mission Statement

The mission of the Responsible Spending Coalition of Texas is to organize, educate and empower concerned citizens to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, debt management and financial transparency and accountability within Texas’ Independent School Districts with the overall goal of reducing the potential risks to teachers, students, taxpayers and future generations.


Frisco Schools First Finance Reports: 5/2/2014 | 4/10/2014
RSCT Finance Reports 5/2/2014 | 4/10/2014

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Working to get out the vote—apathy hurts all sides

With early voting underway for the Frisco ISD $775 million bond referendum, school district officials as well as groups both for and against passage of the bond, while hoping for different outcomes, still have one unified goal in mind. They want to make certain residents go to the polls.

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Why Frisco ISD’s $775 million bond is a bad deal for taxpayers

The Dallas Morning News recently ran a story about how Frisco ISD’s $775 million bond proposal is facing significant opposition and skepticism from the community. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has noticed Texans’ weariness of ever-increasing debt and taxes.

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Frisco ISD Pads Construction Costs, Gouges Taxpayers

We’ve previously criticized school districts for not discussing the total costs of bonds, which include interest expense. And although the total cost of Frisco ISD’s $775 million package could reach $1.3 billion, there’s serious concerns regarding the bloated costs of the individual projects themselves.

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TPPF Says Frisco ISD’s Bond Could Cost $1.3 Billion

The Texas Public Policy Foundation recently highlighted Frisco ISD’s bond proposal, set to appear on May’s local ballot. The brief paper is appropriately titled, “A Profile in Runaway Debt: Frisco ISD’s $775 Million Bond Proposal”.

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