The Education Debt
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“Rolling Polling”
Scam Exposed


How previous
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The mission of the Responsible Spending Coalition of Texas is to organize, educate and empower concerned citizens to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, debt management and financial transparency and accountability within Texas’ Independent School Districts with the overall goal of reducing the potential risks to teachers, students, taxpayers and future generations


Educrat “Rolling Polling” Scam Exposed

Most voters are unaware of the clever methods educrats use to stack the deck in their favor. One of the most underreported schemes is the use of “rolling polling”, whereby the district will move polling locations during early voting to target certain populations and discourage general turnout....

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The Education Debt Industrial Complex

Spring means it’s bond season in Texas. May brings warmer weather and the opportunity to further indenture our posterity with wasteful school debt. For advocates of responsible financial stewardship by school districts, it is frustrating to see measures increasing debt and taxation consistently passing with high margins, low voter turnout and little public scrutiny. This year, voters approved a vast majority (87%) of the proposed $6.2 billion of debt on ballots across the state....

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